84% increase in overdose deaths
in Maine, last 5 years
Prescription Painkillers killed 1,099 Mainers
in the last ten years
70% of People Abusing Prescription Painkillers
Get Them Through Friends or Relatives.

Prescription Painkillers. After the pain, they’re just killers.

Prescription drugs have killed more than a thousand Mainers in the last ten years and addiction has devastated many, many more lives.  Nearly 4 out of 5 people arrested for heroin possession say they began by abusing painkillers.  Too many Mainers are misusing, abusing and dying from painkillers, heroin, and other opiate narcotics.

Only 7% of those who died of a prescription medication overdose in 2015 had a doctor’s prescription at the time of their death.  Painkillers should not be shared among family and friends.  Unused pills should not be left unsecured in medicine cabinets, and they should not be passed around at parties.

DoseOfRealityMaine.org is bringing important messages to Maine about the reality of heroin and painkiller abuse in our state.  We all have an important role to play in stemming the tide of addiction and death.  I hope these ads will spark conversations in homes and schools across Maine and educate everyone about the importance of proper handling of painkillers before tragedy strikes one more Maine family.

janet mills photoVery Truly Yours,

Janet T. Mills
Attorney General

Television PSA’s

These television PSA’s were developed to raise awareness of the problem of prescription painkiller abuse in the State of Maine.